Adoption Resources

I’m really passion about adoption because… well, I’m adoption and I work for an adoption agency in the metro Atlanta area called, Embracing Life.  Over the years I’ve written a few posts on the topic and I’m looking forward to writing more.  I love educating, informing, and encouraging people about adoption and hope as I build this page that these resources are found helpful.

Adoption Agencies (non-profits)

  • Embracing Life Adoption Agency – ELAA is a faith-based adoption agency serving the embracing life round logometro Atlanta area. Our mission is to make adoption a more viable option for both the adoptive parents and birth parents. Through the collaborative efforts of International House of Prayer Atlanta and our own staff and volunteers, we strive to lower the cost of adoption, thereby allowing more couples to realize their dream of parenthood. We also endeavor to minister to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the birth parents.

Blog Posts

Adoption Stories

(Coming Soon!)

If you would like to be a guest blogger and share how adoption has affected your life, send an email to:

If you know of any other faith-based non-profit agencies who’s adoption costs are 10k or lower, let me know, I would love to feature them!

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