The To-Do List

IMG_0836I used to have a “Before 30’s” list.  I actually accomplished some of the major goals on that list; the biggest ones being “getting paid to write,” “write a book” as well as “getting at least one person to read that book,” “Crochet a blanket and give it away,” and one that I always almost accomplish, “read 80% of the books on my shelf.”

I’ve also lived by myself, volunteered, traveled out of the country, traveled by myself, have been on a long road trip (by myself), I’ve been whale watching, tubing, body surfing, and have played my violin in front of thousands of people.

Now I’m making a life long, ever growing, ever changing, life shaping To-Do List.  To be completed… hopefully never because I don’t want this list to stop growing.  So I’m buckling in my seat belt and I’m going places and doing things.

  1. Edit my book
  2. Get that book published
  3. Graduate College
  4. Become debt free
  5. Travel…. to a lot of different places
    1. India (return for missions, but also to tour)
    2. Italy
    3. Ireland
    4. Scotland
    5. China
    6. California
    7. Hawaii
    8. Mexico
    9. United Emirates (return for a longer visit)
    10. England (Europe in general)
    11. Australia
    12. New York (return for a longer visit)
    13. Alaska
    14. Open to suggestions….
  6. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  7. Go up in a hot air balloon
  8. Scuba Dive
  9. Run a half marathon
  10. Go on a cruise
  11. Learn to water ski
  12. Get married (one day… no rush)
  13. Give away a lot of money
  14. Attend a fancy ball
  15. See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  16. Go to the Ellen Show
  17. Start my own business or non-profit
  18. Go to a bunch of zoos
  19. Grow my hair out (Since high school, I’ve always had short hair)
  20. Go somewhere outside of the states to celebrate a holiday
  21. Learn to dance
  22. See Saturday Night Live… live
  23. Learn to surf
  24. Send more “thinking of you” cards
  25. Say “I love you” more often
  26. Swim in the Dead Sea
  27. Stay at a very fancy hotel
  28. Visit a bunch of aquariums
  29. Learn to play the piano
  30. Enjoy the little things and little moments in life
  31. Fall in love (See #12… again, no rush)
  32. See the Northern Lights
  33. Get a book published
  34. Learn how to take really great photos
  35. Be O.K. with being in the picture and not just staying behind the camera

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